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If you're here, you probably heard through a friend about a network of powerful Facebook groups that do insane volumes of trading in the luxury asset sector. Listed below are some of our public communities for you to get plugged into the network.


Moda Watch Club - This is our main free watch group where everything began back in 2017. What started as a small humble dealer to dealer (b2b) wholesale luxury watch trading group has now become the highest transacting retail trading platform on Facebook for high-end timepieces with over 20k active members. It is completely free to join, just put '' for the referral or have someone internally invite you in so your request doesn't get stuck in pending. 

Wholesale Gold Club - Wholesale Gold Club (or sometimes called Moda Gold Club) had a similar start as Moda Watch Club. In May 2018 we created a group as a break away from the watch group to be able to trade Diamonds, Jewelry, Gold, Bullion, Coins, and other precious metals items. It quickly started to blow up because jeweler's started selling wholesale to the public. Less than 2 years later it has been the premier place on Facebook to buy, sell, or trade your jewelry safely. This group was essential to full-time jewelers during the Covid Pandemic when they were forced to close their doors due to the lockdowns. Many transferred over to selling strictly online in that group after they realized the amount of paying clients in there. As of this post, it currently has 13k+ members and is organically growing 100's of new members per week. You can post Want To Buy's in this group but we do not allow plated jewelry, random gemstones, or inspired/fake items.

Real Watch Buyers - This is our premier platform for VIP watch trading members. It is our only paid group (at the time of this post). There are many benefits for the members, click here to see some of them. There is 2 requirements to join, you must complete a deal in one of the other Moda Communities and pay the membership fee. PM one of the admins on Facebook if you'd like to know more. 

Moda Watch Club - 5K & Under - The 5k and under group is a break away from Moda Watch Club. One of the main rules for Moda Watch Club is no watches under 5k are allowed to be posted. Due to popular demand, we had to create the 5k and under group to fill that niche. This group has a few more rules than the main watch group so please read the rules before posting.   

WTB/ISO Luxury Watches - A simple Free group to post watches you want to buy for yourself or a client. WTB = Want To Buy, ISO = In Search Of. Do not post in here unless you are 100% ready to buy. There is no selling in this group. Must be a member of Moda Watch Club or it won't approve you into this group. 

Moda Hype Club - Moda Hype is our platform for buying/selling/trading items that you normally see on,, and other popular reselling sites. It's mostly designer clothing, hype sneakers, luxury accessories, and other collectibles. There are a few simple rules you have to follow to sell in there but the main one is your item must be priced better than any comparable on the market. We do not allow anything overpriced to be posted so it doesn't waste anyone's time. This group always has a massive backlog of member requests so please put '' as the referral for your request to be expedited. 

Wholesale Car Club - This is likely one of the most exciting communities in the Moda group portfolio. It's 12k+ members and the fastest-growing group. The members are amazing and you will see anyone from low key massive car collectors, famous YouTubers, normal mom-and-pop dealerships, all the way to the biggest exotic car wholesalers in the industry, all in one place. The group moves a ridiculous amount of high-end cars every week that you can see in real-time and you can get things like free carfax reports, build sheets, buy bids for vehicles, car transportation, and more. It will easily be for your favorite car group on Facebook. The only thing I have to mention here is if you post a car for sale please make sure it's priced more aggressively than any comparable or expect the sharks to eat you alive. Don't take anything personally in there, the members are amazing but they do not tolerate anyone wasting their time. 

Moda Forum - Another breakaway group from Moda Watch Club. Moda Forum is a general chit-chat group for anything regarding watches. No real rules besides no self-promotion/spam, and no buying/selling in here. Its to discuss current watch related news but mostly to just show off your newest purchase or what you're wearing today. 

Moda Misc Club - The easiest way to explain this is a 'High-End Craigslist'. It's our beta test group to learn what there is a demand for from our members and when there's enough demand we create another breakaway group for those members. Anything and everything is sold in there (THAT IS LEGAL AND NOT AGAINST FACEBOOK TOS). You can also utilize the group to get advice, recommendations, and other value-adding benefits. Generally, everyone is super nice in there and will go way out of their ways to help, even new members. Very wholesome community. 

Moda Stock Club - Moda Stock Club is our newest group and became a thing after an overwhelming amount of requests from Moda Misc. It is aimed at stock market investors who have at least 25k+ in active trading balances to discuss trading stocks, options, and other general investing. This group is free but every member is carefully vetted by one of the admins/mods so if you request to join please be ready to show at least part of your portfolio showing 25k+ invested in the market. We do not save this information or share it even between the admin team and you delete it the moment you are verified. This is the only way we can keep the group exclusive and to make sure if someone comments in the group you know it's coming from someone who has skin in the game. 


That is a list of our communities that are open to the public to join. Sometime in the near future I'll make another post going over our chat rooms that are associated with these groups so you're able to get to know the members even better. Stay tuned :)

Thanks for reading

- Vadim Moda
Founder of the Moda Communities 


  • I have a collectibles Nascar authentic piece of taking history and a viewer from. Anotherl local east site recommend your site.
    Details: Actual hood from #24 Jeff Gordon flame car autographed 2001 Dover Race and 2001 Nascar championship, includes other autographed items from JG and Sam Bass autograph 2007 for flame cat design. Authentication documentation included. Dupont sponsored. Great collection for display. Is this something your members might be interested in? I can provide photos. Please advise if this is a correct site to list. I am hoping to set a reserve of 10k but will take recommendations. This item is the only one in the world and I purchased from Dupont as an employee before their merger. This was gifted to Dupont by Jeff Gordon who held a private signing event at the Delaware HQ. Please let me know if your site deals with very unique historical items such as this. Thank you.

    Deborah Ashcraft
  • Hello All,

    I am interested in signing up for the $1,000 annual membership and what it entails? Is there a special forum we will be added to similar to the Facebook group? Please advise.

    Thank you,


  • I would like to join!

    Andres Briceno

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